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ICB Laboratory - Custom Made Orthotics

ICB Laboratory is a Division of ICB Medical, which manufactures custom made foot orthotics for Allied Health Practitioners throughout Australia and Asia.  ICB Lab specialises in EVA products (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), however, Polypropylene (thermoplastic) materials also are used for more corrective devices.  ICB Laboratory manufactures a wide range of designs using foam box, plaster cast and 3D imaging as the basis for taking a patients foot shape.

ICB retains the use of traditional hands on skills whilst also embracing Cad Cam technology as production warrants. ICB does not use the Cad Cam for polypropylene rigid devices preferring to use thermoplastic to provide the patient with materials that are able to maintain form and yet allow flexibility in the device.

The preferred casting method for ICB is ‘foam impression box’ as it allows the practitioner to control the manufacturing process when the cast is taken in the ideal or ‘neutral position.  This method reduces the amount of ‘laboratory discretion’ in the manufacturing process and allows the practitioner to control the amount of fat pad spread in the cast as it is taken with the patient in weight bearing.

ICB Lab is very much a bespoke laboratory, providing personalised products and services, to meet the needs of the individual prescribing practitioner, the clinic and patient alike.  ICB Lab prides itself on working closely with each and every prescribing practitioner, to ensure the best clinical outcome for patients.  Our Orthotic Technicians are highly trained with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both biomechanics and orthotics manufacturing techniques.

ICB Lab can tailor any style of orthotic & prescription to your patient’s biomechanical requirements & footwear.  In addition your clinic logo can be printed onto top covers for a professional, personalised finish.

DOWNLOAD Interactive Custom Orthotic Prescription Form (Note: download a copy of the form to your desktop and open with Adobe Acrobat to enable full functionality)

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Looking for a semi-custom orthotic alternative?  ICB Custom Pro is the answer


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