About ICB


Over the past 2 decades, ICB has been at the forefront of heat moulding orthotic design; inventing, refining and patenting unique dual density therapeutic products for use by Healthcare Professionals around the world.

Founded in Sydney, Australia in 2000, ICB’s products and clinical assessment tools have revolutionised practitioners treatment regimes.  From its inception ICB has maintained its dedication to harnessing the clinical and technical knowledge of experienced practitioners and Orthotists to deliver superior treatment outcomes to Allied Healthcare Professional, including: Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sports Medicine Doctors, Rehabilitation Specialists and Orthopaedic Surgeon

The ICB Orthotic range is patented worldwide and had been developed from years of clinical experience with orthotic therapy as the primary treatment for patients with lower limb conditions.  With vast and invaluable experience in its own clinics and orthotic laboratory, ICB have taken their expertise to new levels with its’ highly engineered dual density heat moulding orthotic, together with a range of orthotic additions, assessment techniques and diagnostic equipment allowing practitioners to ‘have an orthotic laboratory in their own clinic’.

The ICB Dual Density Heat Mouding Orthotic bonds two densities of EVA to offer practitioners a cost effective, yet highly sophisticated device which is able to be customised within a few minutes in the clinic setting.  ICB continues to innovate, utilising the manufacturing and engineering practises developed through its Custom Made Orthotic Laboratory which crafts over 10,000 pairs of orthotics each year.  The result is a revolution in biomechanics and the overall treatment of lower limb conditions.

ICB has one of the largest orthotic product ranges with 5 styles, 5 densities, 11 sizes and 13 density and style combinations.  The ICB product range has a product to suit every patient and their individual footwear and biomechanical condition/s: from young children to adults, professional athletes, Geriatric and Diabetic patients.

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