Pedistep Regular Orthotics


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Pedistep Regular Orthotics


Assist in relieving pain associated with the foot, knee, ankle, leg, hip & lower back, by providing arch support and realigning the foot to its optimal functioning position.

Best used in in everyday shoes, including men’s work shoes and casual footwear styles.

Heel Lifts


Used when a leg length discrepancy is identified, by attaching to the dorsal surface of the orthotic device with the supplied 3M double-sided tape.

A heel lift can also be used temporarily to assist in the treatment of Severs Disease and Achilles Tendonitis.

Extended Heel Lifts


ICB Extended Heel Lifts are useful when a raise of more than 8mm is required.

Sold individually

Medial Arch Infill


Designed to provide extra medial longitudinal arch support, whilst still maintaining the comfort of the orthotic in the rearfoot and forefoot.

1 Pair per Pack

Showing 10–13 of 13 results